Why Georgia Overland?

In a word, Connectivity. I wish to find all open and legal, unpaved roads in Georgia. The goal is to create a network of dirt, gravel or unimproved roads and trails across Georgia. My focus is on North Georgia, though the project is open to any roads in the state that meet the criteria, and will likely include portions of NW South Carolina, SW North Carolina, SE Tennessee and NE Alabama. If you have a favorite legal trail, track or route you wish to share, and you have no reservations offering it up freely to the world, send an email my way.

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Monday, February 1, 2010

Unpaved Georgia DOT and Forest Service Roads

The basis for much of my exploration in Georgia, this subset of GDOT's road network contains Forest Service (I believe most are FS) roads with Gravel, Compacted Soil, Native or Other Material Surface Types and with an Operational Maintenance Level other than Closed. Meaning? Unpaved roads that are also open (or potentially open). There are many roads that I have found closed, but are likely not permanently closed. For instance, some may be closed seasonally only to reopen once conditions improve and the likelihood for damage due to weather and usage diminishes.  The GDOT and FS roads are symbolized in orange in order to differentiate between the basemap roads sourced through GDOT and those I have personally captured with GPS (in red, see Cohutta post).

Download The Unpaved Georgia DOT and Forest Service Roads.kmz  file.

View The Unpaved Georgia DOT and Forest Service Roads.kmz  file in Google Maps.


  1. Are there some in Douglasville GA?

  2. Not that I'm aware of. Let me know if you happen to find any legal trails.

  3. thank you for responding

  4. So the orange are Legal roads correct?

  5. Yes, the orange roads are (or were) legal roads as indicated by GDOT data downloaded in late 2009. Keep in mind that this post was made in early 2010. Roads can close and it is entirely possible that some roads indicated on the map above are now gated or permanently closed.

  6. How are dirt roads added to this map? Crowdsource this project!

  7. Was wondering the same cause I have a lot by me

  8. I am with a company called Enviremed, one of the services we provide is an organic soil stabilization system for unpaved roads and trails that allow them to remain open year round with as much as a 75% reduction in maintenance costs. I am also a trail rider, that grew up in the mountains of North Carolina and have seen the amount of open trails reduced significantly over the years We work with Timber Companies, Oil Companies, Military and have been trying to work with the US Forest Service but they have fallen behind since the Government shut down and reduction in funds. I am posting this to request that you and your readers inform us of any unsafe roads or roads in need of maintenance so we can identify the agency in charge and see if we can work with them to reopen and repair said roads. I have attached a link to our website for you and your readers. I hope that is OK? Thank you www.enviremed.net


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